In June 2012, religious communities in Myanmar came together to form Religions for Peace Myanmar (RfP‐M) as the country’s first full-fledged representative and action-oriented interreligious body for reconciliation, peace and development. RfP‐M brings together all of the four major religions of Myanmar; Buddhism, Christianity, Islam and Hinduism and was officially inaugurated in September 2012.

RfP-Myanmar is one of Religions for Peace’s 90 National Affiliates. RfP-M consists of Myanmar’s historic religious traditions and organizations including the Sitagu International Buddhist Academy; the Ratana Metta Organization (Buddhist); the Myanmar Council of Churches (MCC); the Catholic Church; the Sanatan Hindu Organization in Myanmar; and the Islamic Centre of Myanmar. RfP-M works at the national, regional and local levels and capitalizes on each organization’s ability to mobilize its existing infrastructure of thousands of local congregations. It offers a platform for religious leaders on joint advocacy, coordinated program response and training, mobilization of local communities around issues of public concern and for channeling resources through local congregations and other faith groups.